Who is the gym


In the world there are over 7 billion people , as we know , each of us is different , no two identical people globe , even if the appearance is very similar person with character , skills , talent is not. Research indicates that the planet is a lot of people dissatisfied with their body shape. Every day we pass people obese or excessively lean. Fortunately, the solution to most problems associated with the silhouette can be perfectly certain known gym. It is in fact a place for everyone , whether someone obese and lean for someone older and younger men and women and children. People enroll in a gym for many reasons , some want to lose weight , others gain weight and still others meet interesting people and get some condition. So if you fall into the group of people who want to work on his figure , the gym is the perfect place for you to do so . The gym is also a great way for it to decompress from the world around us and problems , which bestows upon us . If you are efficient and physically healthy – use it , do not waste this chance , certainly work a little over his body . Remember, you can always be better, some do not have the opportunity to go to the gym , these are mostly people with disabilities or ill, if you go to them they count , out of life while you can and make sure to sign up for the gym , it’s addictive but it is a positive addiction .

Have you ever considered that , in order to gain some strength and lean muscle mass ? If so, maybe it’s the best time to start going to the gym ? You sure know interesting people , important though, to do everything for themselves and do not exceed their capabilities , at the end of a gym is to help and not harm , right? Many men begin their adventure with a gym in order to become lean muscle , improve fitness and strength gains , but not everyone knows how important in everyday life is a diet . Some in fact , it seems that the training can make up for the lack of diet, unfortunately this is not true. When practicing , you need the energy you need to have the strength and desire to exercise. But if you want to gain muscle mass , muscles must have something to grow , the building block of muscle is the protein and it is on the need to be very focused if you want to become a strong and well-built men .

In addition to strength training should also take care of the body stretching or a good condition. Running is an interesting idea for improving the capacity, the sense and the overall health of our body. Nobody says that you have to run every day , just 2-3 times a week for 20-30 minutes and sometimes a man takes extraordinary condition which results in a much better mood . If you want to start to play sports , whatever , you absolutely need to get rid of stimulants such as: alcohol and cigarettes, not to mention something much worse . It should take care of yourself , your health and physique.

Often , people avoid the gym because they are guided by stereotypes , such as: fitness costs a lot , it is unhealthy for the body , etc. The truth is that the pass to the gym closes at 50 zł per month , it probably is not a fortune , right? The second issue , correct workout without exaggeration can improve our condition and efficiency , strengthen joints or spine. Do not believe the empty words of people who simply do not want to explain and see the different , false and even ridiculous excuses . Do not get discouraged , it’s never too late to start working on your body. Do not forget , however, never about diet and motivation , the need for self-denial in order to persevere in training. Do not mind the time it takes to achieve something, time passes very quickly , do not wait too long to see how it will be five years , training in any sport for 5 years 2-3 hours per week , you will have a much better mood and who knows, maybe much longer you survive , because in a healthy body, healthy mind , healthy people , strong and physically fit have a much greater chance of a long and dignified life without persistent pain .

If you decide at this point that you start going to the gym , no matter what you care about , and what goals you put in front of you , do not do anything alone, man learns life and the one who asks – not err . Take advantage of the huge potential of the Internet and learn how to correctly perform the exercise data , how to eat and how to motivate you to workout and you will not regret it. In this sport you have to take care of good motivation , because without her man very quickly discouraged . When practicing , no matter what , be healthy Eat and beware of all kinds of drugs, you will be healthy , strong and full of zest for life . Take care of a good warm-up and stretching after each workout. Exercise 3 , up to 4 times a week , a lot does not always mean good, the body has to have time to regenerate , and you are at rest . Makes no sense to practice every day because after some time nothing will go in the right direction – forward.


Diet and plan to put on weight

victor martinez

Every guy dreams of athletic , muscular body shape and high strength. There’s a reason gyms are often overcrowded . This is a place for anyone who wants to do something with your body in the right direction . If you’re one of those guys who depend on that to improve its suplementy i odżywki forum image by dropping some lean mass on your body and the way gaining a large amount of force – this guide is for you.

Most beginners do not even think about your diet , it seems to them that training alone is enough to have a muscular body. As it turns out , is quite different because it is a high protein diet is the key to success and without hesitation can be assumed that a good diet is 70% of what we pay attention , the rest is just practice. Probably not everyone knows yet but the muscle to grow needs adequate amounts of protein , therefore, no possibility of building lean muscle mass without the use of and compliance with a special diet . Do not worry, this type of diet really does not cost the property because it already for 300-400 zł per month , we are able to use a good , healthy diet rich in protein, carbohydrates and animal fats .

How, then, should look good diet on weight ? suplementy i odżywki forum Firstly, you need to eat 5-6 meals a day with equal times, every 2-3 hours , so : 8:00 > 11:00 > 14:00 > 16:00 > Training > 19:00 > 22:00. Sum summarum gives us the 6 meals a day. Another very important thing is to provide the right amount of protein, here is one rule , 2-2.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight , therefore , if someone weighs 70kg , per day should consume 140- 150g of protein, dividing it into 5-6 meals a day , gives us a figure of around 25g of protein per meal. Of course , you can not forget about carbohydrates and healthy fats which contribute to large injection of energy necessary for a comprehensive workout. A good diet combined with a good training plan is able to make that a month will earn an extra kilo or two of pure muscle mass which is really satisfactory result . Protein can be found in : eggs , fish and meat, carbohydrates : rice, potatoes and pasta , while the fats in nuts , olive oil, and sunflower .

Time for a workout routine , here we have to choose two types of plan , Split ( workout one muscle groups once a week ), a large batch of mix with one – two smaller single day. FBW – stands for Full Body Workout , here the point is that on one training we do all parties but one series , not as in a split 3-4 series on a large lot and 2-3 smaller . You should also know that the FBW should be performed rather general- exercises such as deadlifts , squats , bench press , while the split should be more focus on the exercises isolated , that is, those in which only works a lot of muscles, without the other , which have an auxiliary function . It is very important to practice 3-4 times a week , not more , after each day should have at least one day off , your body had time to recover from a person exerciser to rest. Exercising every day can quickly lead to overtraining which in principle can finish a lack of strength in the exercise and very little progress .

Muscle is made up of 70% water , what is the moral ? We should drink it as much as possible , at least 2 liters a day, it would be good to drink about 3 liters a day . It is important to practice for themselves, perform exercises correctly and with the right load, in the end we want growth and progress of power and not the curvature of the spine , joint problems and scoliosis . In effect , unfortunately, have to wait and do not come alone , but it is probably not foreign to anyone , everything in life requires us time to get in return give us the desired results. So, if you want to quickly achieve something in this sport , you better not take him because you will make yourself more poverty than it’s worth . Remember one thing, a good diet and workout is enough to build a strong and well- built body at the same time , do not touch neither creatine nor the various types of legal highs , as it is unnecessary for the first 2-3 years of training. For a long time everything nicely going forward, only when the suplementy i odżywki forum most of the body and ‘ll pick stagnation – catch up for creatine or other types of boosters , from the beginning it does not make any sense .

The network is the mass of pages , guides and instructional videos . Use an atlas of exercise , do not do anything on your own, you need to be sure that you do your exercise properly , because the wrong technique leads to damage to the joints and spine , if you let it – soon you’ll have to say goodbye to strength training as it will be exposed to disability. Top practicing with someone but do not do long breaks between exercises gossiping with a friend , a gym is a place for real men who know what they want and why they are there.

I am on a diet but not losing weight


For some time , raised the alarm because of the ever- increasing percentage of obese people living in our country. The reason for this state of affairs is not only unhealthy eating habits but most of all lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyles of many people. People aware of the many risks posed by obesity , take more or less successful attempts to get rid of unnecessary ballast . Unfortunately, the effects of such trials can be very different.

Many people make the big mistake of a sudden transition to a too restrictive diet. Such action in their opinion is to quickly get rid of the extra pounds. Unfortunately, people have no idea that fat burning processes are not as simple as that it might seem . Generally the fat is supplementary material having the responsibility to ensure the safety of your body from starvation . In today’s times of famine rarely plagued by people that does not change the fact that the body and so it hangs . The more you eat , the more our body accumulates fat . For the proper functioning of all life processes , uses a small number of calories . The remainder is stored in their honor . The sudden fall in the supply of carbohydrates, does not make it right away is burning fat reserve . The body in this case , starts to put any amount of calories to be delivered into the body. This effect will therefore be quite the opposite . The same is the case all the macro and miro components necessary for proper functioning of the entire body. If we stop eating or having food will be less , or it will be low in protein or other constituents , our body starts getting worse function . Certainly so therefore we do not ensure a better general condition of the body. A bad idea to also resign from all fats , contained in pożywnemu . If we are afraid that from the get fat should replace them with saturated fats , which are much more valuable to our body and thus also less calories.

Sorry, but there is no so well that to achieve your dream weight just enough to change the way of nutrition. To make this possible are also necessary exercise that makes us lose fat storage in many places on our body . The case is still , however, is not simple , because it turns out that fat is burned only after about 45 minutes of exercise. Of course, each dose of exercise can somewhat wysmuklić our body , but it certainly does not make it that our figure is changed by 100%.

For weight loss like many other things in life should be approached with caution . Excessive stressing the this fact and submit your dream weight over all other matters not a good solution . So many people are caught in a spiral of weight loss and weight gain . All results from changes in moods, continuous weighing in policing and excessive restrictions on the consumption of food. Such action leads nowhere . It can only deprive us of health and even wpędzi us in many serious diseases , including mental health , which are hardly curable. Of course, you should have your own rules and stick to them , but if some diet has no effect after a long time of application , do not give up. It is worth while to analyze your menu, find the errors and start to change that . Of course, not every diet will be suitable for every body. If so despite the shortcomings of errors still not visible , it means that it is time for me to change .

Many women forget about what they ate during the day , especially when they have to live on the run . In the chaos of many things , you can easily avoid that food is at the moment. Therefore, in this case, a start record everything that is consumed throughout the day . As a result , we will always remember what we ate and also gain the opportunity to analyze your daily diet. You may find there certain mistakes that you will want to change.

Perhaps for many this will seem silly, but excellent results in weight loss also brings reward yourself as well as proper motivation . This is very important because there is no denying that the tough training and also the ability to recite the dishes that simply refuse , is not easy. To do this , however, came to us with much greater ease, you should have in mind certain motivations that make it easier abolish difficult moments. For this purpose you can use pictures of athletes , celebrities whose silhouette would like to achieve. Very good is also to reward yourself from time to time. If you like a certain kind of music, proceeding according to plan nutrition and training , we go to a concert or shopping. Certainly, such an effect still further motivates us to act. In time, subordination and proceeding according to plan gets in our blood so that we begin almost mechanically adapt to their assumptions.

What to remember when training


Today, more and more people become interested in a healthy lifestyle . More and more it says about the dangerous effects of obesity or lack of daily doses movement. Young and older people are starting to play sports , not only with a view to ensuring your silhouette but also to improve the overall health of your entire body. The Internet is also available from bookshops are more and more publications on the type of driving all sorts of sports. As a result , we are able to prepare properly for exercise. Much suplementy i odżywki forum less , however, you will find information on what you should do immediately after your workout. It turns out however that this is just as important as any rules concerning the training and the time of its preceding . There are certain tasks that must be done is essential , regardless of the type of our training.

Of course, each of us will know that after a tiring workout is necessary to take a shower , but few people are aware of the other activities that may involve failure to even address the shortcomings effectiveness of our training.

Many people believe that the world is to be worked out beautifully fitting enough to exercise regularly . Unfortunately, the statement is incorrect. Same as regular exercise is not enough. It is necessary to introduce fundamental changes not only in nutrition but also rare throughout our lives. Changing our profiles or better condition is a bit more complicated than we can imagine. It is no wonder that you need at this time and many changes. Of course there are people who can be considered fortunate indeed who, without changes to the current diet, and without making any changes to the way of life, shed excess weight. The percentage of such people is suplementy i odżywki forum relatively small, and usually closes among young people whose metabolism works faster than in the case of mature people .

A very important issue is primarily consume adequate amounts of fluids throughout the day . Even more important , it takes at a time when we’re going to practice. Is quite normal sweating during exercise . Pot is nothing like water , which is expelled from the body . It is important therefore to quickly replace it with an adequate amount of fluids. If you grow only sport as a hobby or for spending leisure time in a more active, is enough for us to fully complement the lost water with the help of a bottle of mineral water. It does not matter whether it will be carbonated or not. It is important , however, that this is not no sugary drinks or juices. If , however , our training include increased exercise more , it is complemented with the alignment of the liquid electrolyte . For this purpose perfectly suitable isotonic drinks , designed just for athletes. For every kilogram lost , drink a circle 950ml of liquid. It is important to note that this makes sense only if we do it in 2 hours after the end of training. Lack of water in the body can visibly affect the well-being of the athlete. Very often such people , they feel broken , weakened and especially noticeable is the significant decline in their condition. It is also good to know that the training of up to 45 minutes is not regarded as highly exhaustive , but if once we train for about 1.5 hours we must prepare for the alignment of the water .

After training is also very important suplementy i odżywki forum to adopt appropriate dose of carbohydrate- protein supplements . First of all, it is done so in order to induce an anabolic . Thanks to this, the body is stimulated to secrete insulin and the development of specific parts of the body muscles . Of course, we are not forced to accept immediately conditioners, if we so choose , we can also dine with the appropriate amount of carbohydrates and proteins. But it should be properly balance . Of course, producers of many nutrients according to argue that no meal did not give us the right amount of these ingredients. The truth is that it can be successfully replaced by an ordinary meal.

No less important issue is the rest of the body. Thanks to him , the body has time to recover and expand all the muscles that perform the work during training. You do not need to pretend to sleep immediately after training . But it is to przesypiać during the day 7 to 8 hours . It is very important for all correct processes in the body. Shortly after completed training are not recommended to perform any heavy physical work . Better bike tour or jogging leave for days not conduct the training.

As you can see , it is not enough only increased exploitation of our body , we have the perfect silhouette. All of our muscles, tendons , and the whole body must be properly nourished .

What discourages training


For even in our country , as in many others noted a tendency for increasing the proportion of obese people . To prevent this , a growing number of people trying to take care of your health by training . Being overweight is a common cause of frequent health problems such as respiratory glide , and even circulatory tract. People are trained not only for health reasons. Many people struggling with overweight for aesthetic reasons , you can not hide the fact that the body covered with fat does not present too inviting. In order to suplementy i odżywki forum achieve success in this field, it is necessary to regularly train which combine well with appropriately selected and balanced diet . There needs to be a very restrictive, we only need to know that there is a majority of them in the minor sins in the form of bars , candy or chips .

Certainly during training will come a moment of discouragement and boredom what we do. It is , however, such moments have properly prepared the motivation that will help us overcome the difficult moments. If you will be missing us motivation, certainly our plans will decay , and the goals will come to naught . One of the most important tips is nieskupianie on factors discouraging what many people are doing . To think that all we did not go out, that in fact we are not able to deal with it . Such thoughts effectively discourage us to pursue their goals. Let’s focus instead on why we do what we want to achieve , what do we do when our goal will be achieved and how much we can then gain . Thanks to this , surely it will be easier to endure any inconvenience , moments of doubt and many other negative feelings accompanying us during training.

Very many people are discouraged from suplementy i odżywki forum training because of the environment with which we are dealing in gyms . There’s no denying that this is a fairly specific group of people, which in some works like the proverbial red rag to a bull. Many beginners people begin training suffers from reluctance to visit the gym. Indeed, many people in a small room , of which there are people who do not care about their hygiene, or look very repulsive . Perhaps, however, you only need to change the time to visit the gym, we once again regained their former joy of exercise. At gyms , according to many customer reviews of such places , we also find people who talks to people exercising , asking hundreds of questions , which in effect only interfere . If the problem is for us too overcrowded gym , it is so you can choose a different time of her visit . You can freely ask for a service that will tell us where the hours in the gym to meet fewer people . Perhaps we just at such times to go to the training. In the end , we can also attempt to visit another club with a gym. It may indeed prove that only this one is so besieged . In a crowded gym exercises much less pleasant , and not rarely associated with the necessity of waiting for the free exercise apparatus .

Many people give up too with training suplementy i odżywki forum due to severe sweating all over the body. Indeed, it can be a bit cumbersome , but it is worth to keep in mind that not only the ladies in May of this problem. Men also do not feel in these situations too comfortable . Perhaps somewhat comforting , proves the fact that the pot is also called fat tears what indicates that exercise brings results. For a little less to sweat , there can be several antiperspirants that stifle a little sweat and we will make it feel much less discomfort . Before training and after him, may prove useful also quick shower . With it, you will feel świeżsi and more excited to work. If embarrassing for us is also the smell of shoes or clothes , it is then invested in clothes designed for athletes. They are characterized by higher breathability allows air circulation. Similar is with shoes , boots permeable too small amount of air that they make quite sweaty .

Very demotivating effects are also shortcomings of our exercises. But this should not be a worry especially when the exercise started quite recently. It turns out that everyone has a slightly different metabolism, so the effects of weight loss and fitness of an individual are so different. The problem starts and if we practice a long time already and give effects missing. In this case, we are doomed to examine your diet , because most often it is in it lies the fundamental problem . Individual sins in the form of sweets or junk food fas can effectively inhibit the process of weight loss and deprive us of downstream effects of our efforts. Sometimes the cause of this state of affairs is sometimes excess water in the body, which must be disposed of .. water! The more you drink, the more you excrete . So you have a chance to get rid of residual water in our body . May be useful in such cases as all kinds of pharmaceuticals regulating the water level in the body.

Learning to swim

mike mentzer

For some time, more and more it has become fashionable swimming with the kids. A lot of parents already in the first months of a child’s life , begins to get used to the water in the pool. It’s a great way to spend the time with the child as well as ensuring your condition and your child. The origins of swimming lessons are never easy . Often involve breaking of strong fears of water, for both those inherent in the child and his parents. It turns out , however, that the age at which a child has a huge impact on Stan felt during suplementy i odżywki forum the study. Much less afraid of a few months bobas than a teenager or an adult.

Learning to swim a little child , in fact, not science . How are we to explain the fact malutkiemu child how to move limbs ? In fact, we can swim from birth. Our only task is to guide the child ‘s fetal life when surrounded him after water broke . If you start learning early will have time before a child forget about their natural reflexes . It should be borne in mind that for this to be possible , the pool must be complied with certain conditions , which does not offer any pool . Therefore, in the absence of conditions conducive to such an early child learning to swim , it is better to wait until he had finished it about five or six years. Children at this age , exacerbating the already desire to win , we achieve certain results.

Many parents teach their children to swim alone. But it turns out that a much better solution is education of the child under the supervision of an instructor , who will make sure that our child in a precise learned the most important techniques of swimming . Apart from that , certainly in suplementy i odżywki forum the classroom will be discussed on proper breathing , diving and other . Parents often have problems in getting children to exercise all of its commands. In turn, the parents do not have access to such a large amount of auxiliary equipment that will help after learning and help overcome fear . Good swimming instructor , do not skip the topics related to swimming in open waters such as a lake or the sea . As a result , we gain greater assurance that while having fun in the sea , our child is a little safer. After some time, along with an increase in severity of your child , the instructor may also introduce elements of jumping into the water, that is for every child , great fun .

Learning to swim is a great way to spend time with the child and the care of his condition. This dose of traffic , make sure that your child will be easier to focus in school or at home study . Discharged excess energy is helpful in the process of raising a child , at any age.

But before we go for a swimming pool for the first time , you should buy your child swimming trunks or swimming costume and cap . Older people can move around the pool without a cap , in the case of children, this is not an absolute requirement. When buying baby cap , note that we find in the stores two types of caps – made ​​material , and those of rubber. It is very important to never buy a cap , without trying on it . Indeed cap must fit snugly to the head , especially the ears. Pouring water into the ear is no fun . In addition, even makes it feel uncomfortable and we even had our hearing will be much worse. In the case of children , it is especially important not to expose the child after leaving the pool to inflammation of the middle ear. Choosing the right cap should rely primarily on the fact that it will not be sliding off the head or too cake adhere to it . Both of these situations are very uncomfortable for the baby, and that can make it effectively discourage swimming . It should also be remembered that too strong pressure head , lasting too long , it can be dangerous for the body.

For children the most appropriate type of cap is the one made ​​of rubber. But it is worth it to know that clothes on the baby’s head which has a lush head of hair will be nothing pleasant . Thanks to this child , however, will be safer. If a child while dressing cap feels pain , hair suplementy i odżywki forum can be in the shower earlier , a little wet . Thanks clothes cap will become easier and your child will not feel pain. There’s no denying that children not particularly fond of caps , but perhaps the choice of a cap in any color , formula , etc. Slightly induce a child to take greater cooperation . It is also important to periodically monitor whether the cap is still good for our child . In the case of children who grow intensively difference does a few months , so we need to be preparing to change the cap at a time . Of course caps made ​​of rubber stretch and allow the fit to the head , does not mean, however, that the cap will not unduly oppress the child .

Good luck in learning to swim their children. Certainly it will be a great time .

Cycling and safety related


Spring is a time in which much more likely to spend time outdoors. For this purpose , ideal bike. Many people treat it as a means of rapid transport , but not many are aware of the fact that there are many good aspects of cycling.

It turns out that cycling is the suplementy i odżywki forum perfect way to dump many extra pounds. With properly conducted training sessions , combined with a balanced diet , you can also perfectly sculpt muscles . Cycling can also be a good alternative to running, it allows the movement of similar intensity without unnecessary and often harmful knee load . Of course , all this is possible thanks to the appropriate setting , and other parameters derailleur bike. If we want to build muscle mass should be set for the toughest bicycle derailleur so footwork will be slower but more intense. For women who want to slim down a little calf, perfectly suited to the shifting light that while driving are associated with the necessity of fast footwork , which will contribute to faster fat burning . The same principles also apply to the development of the muscles of the thighs.

If we want this to by cycling to achieve a specific purpose, it is worth remembering not only the intensity of exercise but also having a good time duration. To exercise could affect the burning of fat , it must last a minimum of one hour of time. Before the expiration of an hour of time, only to warm up the muscles , because only after the combustion process begins muscles. It is also important to make a warm-up , through which we avoid the possibility of injury. Even before we get on the bike should prepare your muscles suplementy i odżywki forum for exercise. Torn tendons and muscles is a common injury caused by bad preparation for training.

Cycling can provide us a lot of pleasure. This is very good news because it indicates clearly to the fact that it is possible in this case , the combination of the pleasant with the most useful . With regular training on the bike , we can accelerate the burning of fat and above all to improve your condition. However, cycling was the only pleasure is very important that the principles by which horse will be safe .

The most important element is the equipment providing protection for the head or helmet. It may seem to be an unnecessary security during a quiet road, but it turns out that there are frequent case also falls during the quiet ride walking . The sale includes all sorts types of helmets among other things, one designed for extreme driving . For normal driving to choose the type of MTB helmet . It is this type is most commonly chosen for both to drive around the city and the park. The sale is available to hundreds of different kinds of colors and designs of helmets , so that everyone will find something for themselves. To drive a more competitive BMX bikes are used helmets type peanuts . Very often choose them well , people driving on skateboards or inline skates.

Those who never held in the hands of the helmet , you will say that the helmet is made of a hard material which , thanks to which the head is protected from damage. But the truth is quite different. It turns out that the helmet is made of polystyrene. You are probably wondering how it would like to protect the head from damage , it is primarily because as a helmet during a strong impact breaks in half , thereby cushioning the impact force . The outer layer may be coated with plastic or other material .

The helmet is not everything . To ensure maximum security , you should also obtain the corresponding pads on the places most vulnerable to damage. It is in suplementy i odżywki forum this case, first of all think of something on the elbows and knees , which mostly falls during a fall . Cycling regardless of how intensive , requires compliance with certain safety rules. It is unacceptable primarily explore the towns without the knowledge of the rules on the road . Such insubordination can be devastating , so before we get on the bike we should know what we have the right as the road users . In our country, minors must have a bike card , which entitles them to move on this vehicle . In turn, adults in the case of moving on a bicycle under the influence of alcohol, may be exposed to loss of driving a car .

Cycling requires not only observe what is happening on the road, but also other pedestrians are on the sidewalk. Guided by these principles , we can all be confident that our cycling certainly will be nothing disturbed.