I am on a diet but not losing weight


For some time , raised the alarm because of the ever- increasing percentage of obese people living in our country. The reason for this state of affairs is not only unhealthy eating habits but most of all lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyles of many people. People aware of the many risks posed by obesity , take more or less successful attempts to get rid of unnecessary ballast . Unfortunately, the effects of such trials can be very different.

Many people make the big mistake of a sudden transition to a too restrictive diet. Such action in their opinion is to quickly get rid of the extra pounds. Unfortunately, people have no idea that fat burning processes are not as simple as that it might seem . Generally the fat is supplementary material having the responsibility to ensure the safety of your body from starvation . In today’s times of famine rarely plagued by people that does not change the fact that the body and so it hangs . The more you eat , the more our body accumulates fat . For the proper functioning of all life processes , uses a small number of calories . The remainder is stored in their honor . The sudden fall in the supply of carbohydrates, does not make it right away is burning fat reserve . The body in this case , starts to put any amount of calories to be delivered into the body. This effect will therefore be quite the opposite . The same is the case all the macro and miro components necessary for proper functioning of the entire body. If we stop eating or having food will be less , or it will be low in protein or other constituents , our body starts getting worse function . Certainly so therefore we do not ensure a better general condition of the body. A bad idea to also resign from all fats , contained in pożywnemu . If we are afraid that from the get fat should replace them with saturated fats , which are much more valuable to our body and thus also less calories.

Sorry, but there is no so well that to achieve your dream weight just enough to change the way of nutrition. To make this possible are also necessary exercise that makes us lose fat storage in many places on our body . The case is still , however, is not simple , because it turns out that fat is burned only after about 45 minutes of exercise. Of course, each dose of exercise can somewhat wysmuklić our body , but it certainly does not make it that our figure is changed by 100%.

For weight loss like many other things in life should be approached with caution . Excessive stressing the this fact and submit your dream weight over all other matters not a good solution . So many people are caught in a spiral of weight loss and weight gain . All results from changes in moods, continuous weighing in policing and excessive restrictions on the consumption of food. Such action leads nowhere . It can only deprive us of health and even wpędzi us in many serious diseases , including mental health , which are hardly curable. Of course, you should have your own rules and stick to them , but if some diet has no effect after a long time of application , do not give up. It is worth while to analyze your menu, find the errors and start to change that . Of course, not every diet will be suitable for every body. If so despite the shortcomings of errors still not visible , it means that it is time for me to change .

Many women forget about what they ate during the day , especially when they have to live on the run . In the chaos of many things , you can easily avoid that food is at the moment. Therefore, in this case, a start record everything that is consumed throughout the day . As a result , we will always remember what we ate and also gain the opportunity to analyze your daily diet. You may find there certain mistakes that you will want to change.

Perhaps for many this will seem silly, but excellent results in weight loss also brings reward yourself as well as proper motivation . This is very important because there is no denying that the tough training and also the ability to recite the dishes that simply refuse , is not easy. To do this , however, came to us with much greater ease, you should have in mind certain motivations that make it easier abolish difficult moments. For this purpose you can use pictures of athletes , celebrities whose silhouette would like to achieve. Very good is also to reward yourself from time to time. If you like a certain kind of music, proceeding according to plan nutrition and training , we go to a concert or shopping. Certainly, such an effect still further motivates us to act. In time, subordination and proceeding according to plan gets in our blood so that we begin almost mechanically adapt to their assumptions.


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