You go to the gym ? Train your body!

arnold schwarzenegger

As we all know already , today everyone wants to look good , for this reason , some decide to start attending the gym. This place is for everyone, for young and suplementy i odżywki forum old , for obese and lean women and men. So, if you’re a guy , who also is a beginner in the gym and do not know even the basics, you need to know one thing. A whole bunch of young people who signed up for the gym doing weight of basic errors , one of them is the training of individual muscle groups , and only them , neglecting the others. For example , some practice only up forgetting about the legs, which are very important , thighs are the largest muscles in the human body , how you will look in a few years just by training up ? At least disproportionately , apart from the fact that your legs will significantly underperformed when it comes to the strength of individual muscles and perform some exercises will caused you a lot of trouble , because the legs are a group of muscles, which often serves as an auxiliary , for example , even the deadlift , forget that you’ll be doing deadlift heavy weights is not practicing legs. We already have two reasons to train the entire body , the third reason is to link the second , but it is not obvious suplementy i odżywki forum at first glance , namely , assuming that you practice a few years , you develop a top of the body and it will be strong, your feet just in time will not bother because they will have enough strength to carry you 😉

Starting the adventure with a gym , even if she was an amateur nature , really not worth it to avoid the basic yet most important , general development and at the same time – difficult to perform exercises. Well , a lot of people do not do such deadlift just because you can with him to destroy his spine . Yes, it is true deadlift is an exercise that wrong technique can lead to loading of the spine but what stands in the way of learning the proper technique for deadlifts ? After doing deadlift correctly, with appropriate burden , the only thing we can do with your spine is strengthened and not to destroy. Similarly, for example, the squat , many people do not allow thoughts to do it because … knees! Here replay of the game , the knee joints are not so loaded at the squat with a barbell on the shoulders to not perform this exercise in fear of damage to the knee. Barbell Squat is also a difficult exercise , as well as deadlift but everything is to be learned , really does not matter in the way so under the supervision of an experienced person or under the supervision of their own , learn the proper technique and also the most basic weight training . If someone does not know how to do the deadlift , can confidently view the recordings on the network and then , with a mirror mounted to track the movements and position of your body. As a last resort , you can even record yourself when performing the exercise and ask the network more experienced – if we do it properly . From something we have the suplementy i odżywki forum Internet , right? Therefore us take advantage of it.

The only legitimate exception and also cause a situation in which what some people do not train the whole body are the limitations of fitness , such as knee problem , a very big problem with the spine , etc. Remember, proper exercises of appropriate burden is able to enhance both knee joints and same backbone . If you want to gain strength , train your whole body , because in a few years you may find that you are stronger than the shoulders of the legs , which are very important , not without reason mother nature has created us so that we move the legs, why? Simply it is the largest muscle group and usually , the legs are the strongest of the entire body.

At all costs , avoid bad techniques of the exercise. At the gym, it is in order to do better , to improve , enhance and not damage , weaken and destroy it. Going to the gym does not make any sense if you do not if you do not have a clue about exercise if you want to zaszpanować really cheating yourself and your abilities. Never, but never do the exercises more of a burden than you are able to do , on the effects take time but that is no reason to give up, remember, never give up on something if to achieve this takes time , time, and so has elapsed , a great motivator , I had never forget and train the whole body. Do not fool yourself , ask yourself for whom you do it for yourself or post it to zaszpanować ? Exercise properly, eat a good diet and the results will come alone , in a few years you will be a strong guy and you will not have the strength to impress others, because your body and its ability to do it for you , the key to the exercises was more benefit than to harm. Destroy the knees, spine or joints because it is literally a moment at all costs beware of incorrect technique because in a few years you will regret it.


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