Basic mistakes in the gym


If you like this article , it means that you are interested in a workout at the gym . This guidance is aimed at all practitioners and those who are just suplementy i odżywki forum starting out. The truth is that it happens and it often enough that even those seemingly advanced committing all sorts of errors . Remember , a person advanced is one that knows how to perform the exercises and noted the progress made with respect to your body. It’s hard to call someone an advanced if they can not properly perform exercises and occur and such cases where a person has trained quite a few years and still do not know how the correct technique , you do not need to add that strongly suffer from the spine and joints …

The first of the major mistakes people practicing a poor diet or a complete lack of it. Remember one thing, it is impossible to build lean muscle mass the workout , it is simply impossible , because the human body to grow needs adequate amounts of protein , did not grow up on borscht , so if your dream is muscular silhouette , be sure to check out the subject of diet, which should look as follows: 5-6 meals a day wo fixed times , 2-2.5 hour break between meals . You should provide your body with 2-2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. It is not difficult to calculate that for a person weighing 60 kg , who wants to put on weight , the daily requirement of protein is 120 – 130g , dividing it by 5-6 meals gives you 20 -30g per meal. In addition to protein , do not forget also about carbohydrates and animal fats . The protein ‘s eggs , fish and meat, rice carbohydrates , pasta , potatoes , and even fruits and fats in olive oil or sunflower .

The second fundamental error is the wrong suplementy i odżywki forum technique of exercise . For some , it seems that doing what or and how we intend to or will have effects . Nonsense ! Exercises incorrectly can cause more harm than good and that none of us probably do not want to , right? Mostly , going to the gym , we expect increases in mass and strength and not the destruction of the knee joints , elbows , and curvature of the spine. So if you do not know whether to certainly well- performing your exercise , use of the Internet , the Web is a whole bunch of video tutorials which step-by- step, this is how you should perform your exercise . Do not consider to be the alpha and omega , do not reinvent the same exercise if anything about it you do not know , learn from the best, unless you do not care about any effects .

The third mistake is to exercise a burden for a large measure of support than we are able to perform an exercise session . Many people in the gym unless it only kicks in front of colleagues . What sense is it to apply too much at the bar ? He does not work then the muscle , which seems to us that we practice , working more muscles and at the same strong charge at the spine. A perfect example of this is bent barbell bicep exercise , some assume too much and to bend inches destroying the spine and by the way , you really do not exercise the biceps , interesting , is not it ? Exercise for biceps , one of the basic state is motionless and curls barbells , weight has to be such that only work biceps and not ” back ” . The moral ? If you want to have the desired effect , do not fool yourself , adjust the weight to their abilities and perform the exercise correctly . Take it easy, it will take time and you will be able to make your exercise more of a burden , then zaszpanujesz without doing yourself harm.

The next problem lies in the fact that some people do not have good training plan and combine these parties is not what you need . For example, the split is a type of plan that gets 3-4 times a week, each workout should be done day break to regenerate muscles. The muscle increases as the rest , of course, when a rise of which (protein) . The split point is that one party to do once a week, with the fact suplementy i odżywki forum that for large parties doing 3 exercises , small 2 big party connects to the small . For example : Monday : chest + biceps + forearm , Wednesday : back + triceps Friday : legs + shoulders + hoods . So, if you do FBW , ie total body workout , you should also exercise 3-4 times a week , minimum 2 , each workout should do one exercise for one batch , starting with the largest , ie legs and ending with the smallest , or forearms or hoods .

The final error in the gym is too long conversations with colleagues , if you gossip goes better – umówcie for coffee and cake and leave the gym guys with eggs . Do not forget to drink water during your workout , know that the muscles are composed of 70% water! Follow your diet , a good plan and the results will come sooner than you think , do not touch at first creatine and God forbid any kind of steroids and I can only Shitu of an impact . If you do not have character and can not wait for the results by training hard for it – leave the sport to someone else.


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