Diet and plan to put on weight

victor martinez

Every guy dreams of athletic , muscular body shape and high strength. There’s a reason gyms are often overcrowded . This is a place for anyone who wants to do something with your body in the right direction . If you’re one of those guys who depend on that to improve its suplementy i odżywki forum image by dropping some lean mass on your body and the way gaining a large amount of force – this guide is for you.

Most beginners do not even think about your diet , it seems to them that training alone is enough to have a muscular body. As it turns out , is quite different because it is a high protein diet is the key to success and without hesitation can be assumed that a good diet is 70% of what we pay attention , the rest is just practice. Probably not everyone knows yet but the muscle to grow needs adequate amounts of protein , therefore, no possibility of building lean muscle mass without the use of and compliance with a special diet . Do not worry, this type of diet really does not cost the property because it already for 300-400 zł per month , we are able to use a good , healthy diet rich in protein, carbohydrates and animal fats .

How, then, should look good diet on weight ? suplementy i odżywki forum Firstly, you need to eat 5-6 meals a day with equal times, every 2-3 hours , so : 8:00 > 11:00 > 14:00 > 16:00 > Training > 19:00 > 22:00. Sum summarum gives us the 6 meals a day. Another very important thing is to provide the right amount of protein, here is one rule , 2-2.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight , therefore , if someone weighs 70kg , per day should consume 140- 150g of protein, dividing it into 5-6 meals a day , gives us a figure of around 25g of protein per meal. Of course , you can not forget about carbohydrates and healthy fats which contribute to large injection of energy necessary for a comprehensive workout. A good diet combined with a good training plan is able to make that a month will earn an extra kilo or two of pure muscle mass which is really satisfactory result . Protein can be found in : eggs , fish and meat, carbohydrates : rice, potatoes and pasta , while the fats in nuts , olive oil, and sunflower .

Time for a workout routine , here we have to choose two types of plan , Split ( workout one muscle groups once a week ), a large batch of mix with one – two smaller single day. FBW – stands for Full Body Workout , here the point is that on one training we do all parties but one series , not as in a split 3-4 series on a large lot and 2-3 smaller . You should also know that the FBW should be performed rather general- exercises such as deadlifts , squats , bench press , while the split should be more focus on the exercises isolated , that is, those in which only works a lot of muscles, without the other , which have an auxiliary function . It is very important to practice 3-4 times a week , not more , after each day should have at least one day off , your body had time to recover from a person exerciser to rest. Exercising every day can quickly lead to overtraining which in principle can finish a lack of strength in the exercise and very little progress .

Muscle is made up of 70% water , what is the moral ? We should drink it as much as possible , at least 2 liters a day, it would be good to drink about 3 liters a day . It is important to practice for themselves, perform exercises correctly and with the right load, in the end we want growth and progress of power and not the curvature of the spine , joint problems and scoliosis . In effect , unfortunately, have to wait and do not come alone , but it is probably not foreign to anyone , everything in life requires us time to get in return give us the desired results. So, if you want to quickly achieve something in this sport , you better not take him because you will make yourself more poverty than it’s worth . Remember one thing, a good diet and workout is enough to build a strong and well- built body at the same time , do not touch neither creatine nor the various types of legal highs , as it is unnecessary for the first 2-3 years of training. For a long time everything nicely going forward, only when the suplementy i odżywki forum most of the body and ‘ll pick stagnation – catch up for creatine or other types of boosters , from the beginning it does not make any sense .

The network is the mass of pages , guides and instructional videos . Use an atlas of exercise , do not do anything on your own, you need to be sure that you do your exercise properly , because the wrong technique leads to damage to the joints and spine , if you let it – soon you’ll have to say goodbye to strength training as it will be exposed to disability. Top practicing with someone but do not do long breaks between exercises gossiping with a friend , a gym is a place for real men who know what they want and why they are there.


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