Learning to swim

mike mentzer

For some time, more and more it has become fashionable swimming with the kids. A lot of parents already in the first months of a child’s life , begins to get used to the water in the pool. It’s a great way to spend the time with the child as well as ensuring your condition and your child. The origins of swimming lessons are never easy . Often involve breaking of strong fears of water, for both those inherent in the child and his parents. It turns out , however, that the age at which a child has a huge impact on Stan felt during suplementy i odżywki forum the study. Much less afraid of a few months bobas than a teenager or an adult.

Learning to swim a little child , in fact, not science . How are we to explain the fact malutkiemu child how to move limbs ? In fact, we can swim from birth. Our only task is to guide the child ‘s fetal life when surrounded him after water broke . If you start learning early will have time before a child forget about their natural reflexes . It should be borne in mind that for this to be possible , the pool must be complied with certain conditions , which does not offer any pool . Therefore, in the absence of conditions conducive to such an early child learning to swim , it is better to wait until he had finished it about five or six years. Children at this age , exacerbating the already desire to win , we achieve certain results.

Many parents teach their children to swim alone. But it turns out that a much better solution is education of the child under the supervision of an instructor , who will make sure that our child in a precise learned the most important techniques of swimming . Apart from that , certainly in suplementy i odżywki forum the classroom will be discussed on proper breathing , diving and other . Parents often have problems in getting children to exercise all of its commands. In turn, the parents do not have access to such a large amount of auxiliary equipment that will help after learning and help overcome fear . Good swimming instructor , do not skip the topics related to swimming in open waters such as a lake or the sea . As a result , we gain greater assurance that while having fun in the sea , our child is a little safer. After some time, along with an increase in severity of your child , the instructor may also introduce elements of jumping into the water, that is for every child , great fun .

Learning to swim is a great way to spend time with the child and the care of his condition. This dose of traffic , make sure that your child will be easier to focus in school or at home study . Discharged excess energy is helpful in the process of raising a child , at any age.

But before we go for a swimming pool for the first time , you should buy your child swimming trunks or swimming costume and cap . Older people can move around the pool without a cap , in the case of children, this is not an absolute requirement. When buying baby cap , note that we find in the stores two types of caps – made ​​material , and those of rubber. It is very important to never buy a cap , without trying on it . Indeed cap must fit snugly to the head , especially the ears. Pouring water into the ear is no fun . In addition, even makes it feel uncomfortable and we even had our hearing will be much worse. In the case of children , it is especially important not to expose the child after leaving the pool to inflammation of the middle ear. Choosing the right cap should rely primarily on the fact that it will not be sliding off the head or too cake adhere to it . Both of these situations are very uncomfortable for the baby, and that can make it effectively discourage swimming . It should also be remembered that too strong pressure head , lasting too long , it can be dangerous for the body.

For children the most appropriate type of cap is the one made ​​of rubber. But it is worth it to know that clothes on the baby’s head which has a lush head of hair will be nothing pleasant . Thanks to this child , however, will be safer. If a child while dressing cap feels pain , hair suplementy i odżywki forum can be in the shower earlier , a little wet . Thanks clothes cap will become easier and your child will not feel pain. There’s no denying that children not particularly fond of caps , but perhaps the choice of a cap in any color , formula , etc. Slightly induce a child to take greater cooperation . It is also important to periodically monitor whether the cap is still good for our child . In the case of children who grow intensively difference does a few months , so we need to be preparing to change the cap at a time . Of course caps made ​​of rubber stretch and allow the fit to the head , does not mean, however, that the cap will not unduly oppress the child .

Good luck in learning to swim their children. Certainly it will be a great time .


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