What to remember when training


Today, more and more people become interested in a healthy lifestyle . More and more it says about the dangerous effects of obesity or lack of daily doses movement. Young and older people are starting to play sports , not only with a view to ensuring your silhouette but also to improve the overall health of your entire body. The Internet is also available from bookshops are more and more publications on the type of driving all sorts of sports. As a result , we are able to prepare properly for exercise. Much suplementy i odżywki forum less , however, you will find information on what you should do immediately after your workout. It turns out however that this is just as important as any rules concerning the training and the time of its preceding . There are certain tasks that must be done is essential , regardless of the type of our training.

Of course, each of us will know that after a tiring workout is necessary to take a shower , but few people are aware of the other activities that may involve failure to even address the shortcomings effectiveness of our training.

Many people believe that the world is to be worked out beautifully fitting enough to exercise regularly . Unfortunately, the statement is incorrect. Same as regular exercise is not enough. It is necessary to introduce fundamental changes not only in nutrition but also rare throughout our lives. Changing our profiles or better condition is a bit more complicated than we can imagine. It is no wonder that you need at this time and many changes. Of course there are people who can be considered fortunate indeed who, without changes to the current diet, and without making any changes to the way of life, shed excess weight. The percentage of such people is suplementy i odżywki forum relatively small, and usually closes among young people whose metabolism works faster than in the case of mature people .

A very important issue is primarily consume adequate amounts of fluids throughout the day . Even more important , it takes at a time when we’re going to practice. Is quite normal sweating during exercise . Pot is nothing like water , which is expelled from the body . It is important therefore to quickly replace it with an adequate amount of fluids. If you grow only sport as a hobby or for spending leisure time in a more active, is enough for us to fully complement the lost water with the help of a bottle of mineral water. It does not matter whether it will be carbonated or not. It is important , however, that this is not no sugary drinks or juices. If , however , our training include increased exercise more , it is complemented with the alignment of the liquid electrolyte . For this purpose perfectly suitable isotonic drinks , designed just for athletes. For every kilogram lost , drink a circle 950ml of liquid. It is important to note that this makes sense only if we do it in 2 hours after the end of training. Lack of water in the body can visibly affect the well-being of the athlete. Very often such people , they feel broken , weakened and especially noticeable is the significant decline in their condition. It is also good to know that the training of up to 45 minutes is not regarded as highly exhaustive , but if once we train for about 1.5 hours we must prepare for the alignment of the water .

After training is also very important suplementy i odżywki forum to adopt appropriate dose of carbohydrate- protein supplements . First of all, it is done so in order to induce an anabolic . Thanks to this, the body is stimulated to secrete insulin and the development of specific parts of the body muscles . Of course, we are not forced to accept immediately conditioners, if we so choose , we can also dine with the appropriate amount of carbohydrates and proteins. But it should be properly balance . Of course, producers of many nutrients according to argue that no meal did not give us the right amount of these ingredients. The truth is that it can be successfully replaced by an ordinary meal.

No less important issue is the rest of the body. Thanks to him , the body has time to recover and expand all the muscles that perform the work during training. You do not need to pretend to sleep immediately after training . But it is to przesypiać during the day 7 to 8 hours . It is very important for all correct processes in the body. Shortly after completed training are not recommended to perform any heavy physical work . Better bike tour or jogging leave for days not conduct the training.

As you can see , it is not enough only increased exploitation of our body , we have the perfect silhouette. All of our muscles, tendons , and the whole body must be properly nourished .


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